Stormy Wellington Ends Low-Vibrations

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Coach Stormy Wellington has gone viral yet again for “low-vibrational plates” during her “Girl Hold My Hand Winning Weekend.”

The popular speaker and network marketer Stormy Wellington is on a crusade to help 1000 families become millionaires. Her mission is to inspire women to operate in excellence and become the best version of themselves. It’s time to grow, and she is the perfect catalyst to initiate a mindset shift. 

The “Girl Hold my Hand” community began in 2017 to help women learn the importance of knowing and loving themselves. Through daily meditations, fitness, intimate events, and coaching calls, women have begun centering themselves.

The Plate That Started It All 

Recently Coach Stormy hosted an intimate three-day retreat in Miami, Florida, for her Girl Hold My Hand community. The theme of the exclusive event was to experience transformation by having new experiences in new environments. 

The women would be exposed to high-level masterminds with motivational speaker Les Brown, meditation, fine dining, and retail therapy.

During a conversation at a barbecue, Coach Stormy made this comment about speaker and entrepreneur Tammy Price’s plate:

You couldn’t pay me enough to eat a plate like that. I am a queen, a visionary, and a leader. That plate is low-vibrational.

Girl Hold My Hand Winning Weekend- Coach Stormy Wellington Miami, Florida
Source: Screenshot of the “low-vibrational plate” from Coach Stormy’s IG

The plate in question overflowed with food - hamburgers, corn on the cob, chicken, and potato salad. In Coach’s opinion, this is a hood rat plate. Tammy replied that this was what she was served, and she didn’t have to eat it because it was on her plate.

The Backlash

Instagram was in an uproar!

The Insta-verse community felt Stormy Wellington wasn’t someone to take advice from due to what she’d done in her past, and she was eating the same low-vibrational food, just in a smaller portion.

One comment was that high-vibrational food was living food such as fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and food rich in antioxidants and nutrients. Since none of those foods were present on either plate, it was all wrong.

Ultimately the commentators felt her opinions were tacky and judgmental and weren’t helping you develop a growth mindset.

Stormy Wellington’s Missed Message

The point Coach Stormy was trying to make is to stop ignoring what we allow on our plates. 

Not just on your dinner plate but on the plate of life.

We complain about the situations we land in and fail to find solutions. We eat food we know we shouldn’t, refuse to work out, and then get mad as hell when the pounds start adding up. Do a little self-assessment and ask yourself how often you’ve overlooked behavior you didn’t like. Whether your relationship is personal or professional, it’s your right to say no.  

NO judgment because I’m guilty of this. 

It was more about setting boundaries, taking accountability, and exercising a little self-disciple. If you want certain things in life or at least vibrate high; then you have to set expectations for yourself and others. Set the tone of how you expect to be treated and mean it.

You can’t just accept everything someone tries to put on your plate!

Stormy Wellington Event

Right after the Thanksgiving break, Stormy is hosting a 5-day “Get Ya Mind Right Challenge.” This is a virtual event that will change your life.

Get ready to learn the tools and resources you need to live to your highest potential. Hear from motivational speaker Les Brown, Real Talk Kim Pastor of Limitless Church, Real Estate Investor Grant Cardone, and more.

Coach Stormy is working on the growth mindset for the rest of the year, and if you’re looking for a community in 2023, join the “Girl Hold My Hand Community” today!

Bottom Line

Coach Stormy isn’t for everyone, and everyone isn’t for her. 

She probably could have gotten her point across differently, but her point was valid, and some people need a little tough love to make a transformation. 

You must shift your mind from accepting things from comfort and familiarity to becoming more intentional.

Grow your mindset!

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