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Just b You Podcast By Delia Pena-Gay

Just B You Podcast is a self-development podcast that’s insightful and full of laughter. If you’re a woman in your 30s going through the highs and lows of redefining who you are while starting your own business, look no further than the Just B You community. Come as yourself and feel encouraged, and learn tools and resources you can actually use!

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The weekly podcast is hosted by Delia Pena- Gay, who shares her experience shifting from an employee to an entrepreneur. She’s on a mission to create her own brand and is taking us along for the ride. Tap into the insights of personal development coaches in mind, body, spirit, relationships, and finances.

Each episode of Just B You Podcast features conversations with inspiring people who have used the curve balls life threw at them to create successful businesses. Hear from entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and coaches, sharing stories and insights that will inspire and motivate you to act toward your dreams.

At Just B You Podcast, we believe that YOU ARE ENOUGH. We want to empower women to embrace their true selves, and to live a life that’s authentic and fulfilling.

Take the next step on your path to being the best version of yourself. Tune in to Just B You Podcast every Friday at 2 pm!

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