Black Equity Con Kick Off

#Black Equity Con has brought thousands of Black entrepreneurs, investors, creators, and advisors together since 2018. This year Build Your Own Brand (BYOB), and Social Proof Podcast joined forces for a two-day conference in Miami, Florida. The message was a push for a community to take action, build connections, take ownership, and lead.

This was a power event and I’ll be sharing the gems that were dropped and my favorite moments from the panel discussions I attended from day one.

Welcome To Black Equity Con

Day one opened up with the top network marketer in health and wellness Coach Stormy Wellington. Her welcome remarks were encouraging — commanding everyone in the room to stand to their feet and declare new mindsets.

Release yourself from the people that don’t align with the vision.

Immediately challenging our minds Coach Stormy asked how many of us want a get-rich-quick scheme? After a moment of silence Coach Stormy asks that everyone who wants a get-rich-quick scheme raise their hands. About a quarter of us raise our hand and Coach Stormy says GREAT, now let me read you Webster’s definition of scheme for those that didn’t raise their hand and see if you change your mind.

According to Webster’s dictionary, a scheme is a plan or program of action; a systematic or organized configuration; or a pattern.

Coach Stormy suggests you stop running away from words like scheme when you don’t fully understand the context. People desire to know the quickest way to wealth and live out the lifestyles they have always dreamed of. Success is a long game it doesn’t happen overnight but if you develop a plan of action that you can easily do and are disciplined then you can reach your goals faster.

Words have power and if lost in translation you can miss your blessing.

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The “New Rules” Coach Stormy began following to reach her level of success:

  1. My Energy Attracts My Income, and I Put My Money to Work for Me — You have to attack your goals with a high-level focus.
  2. Always Choose Higher Over Comfort and Familiarity — You have to make the conscious decision to not get comfortable. Comfort brings stagnance. Start taking more risks.
  3. Never Be Afraid to Go it Alone — Your core support system is not always going to understand and share your vision. That’s ok because this is your journey. As difficult as it is don’t let the opinions of those not moving in the same direction to deter you. There will be moments when you will have to do things alone. The people you care about most are watching to see how consistent you will be.
  4. Where There is No Mutual Reciprocity, There Can be No Relationship — Develop a sense of give and take in your relationships.

Before you walk into any room ask for the three people you need to connect with to come forth.

The Power of Community

David Shand

The founder and host of the “Real Social Proof “ was one of the keynote speakers and pushed everyone to not just network the event but make connections with the intent to collaborate. Collaborations change lives and David Shand wants us to take action – to be intentional in conversations.

David wasn’t hosting Black Equity Con to be a source of motivation — he provoked people to use the resources they already have to build and free themselves from limiting beliefs.

Create environments where success lives.

Putting us in the hot seat he posed questions that required the answer to be a simple form of action. He explained that answering with some an action step would by default create a movement for others to hear your message.

Leaders take action and in 2022, there are too many chiefs and not enough millionaires.

David closed out expressing that the lack of leadership and accountability is affecting the culture. That the absence of leadership leads to abuse and movements not lasting long. He encouraged us to find a big problem and make it your mission to solve it. This will help you develop leaders that are able to manage the vision.

Community creates culture, culture creates a movement and movements need governance.

Art of Managing Multi Streams of Income

Successful female entrepreneurs Nathalie NicoleSnoop, and Mz. Skittlez held a panel discussion on the best practices for managing multiple streams of income. Everyone wants to get to the bag but forgets that balance is required!

Tips from guest speakers:

Nathalie Nicole a coach and network marketer advised that you master mental, physical, and spiritual health. It’s important to be aligned in all areas of your life. When one area is not well it can leak into other areas.

Write down everything you do in your business:

  • Emails- the types you send and how you write them
  • Day-to-day expenses
  • Meeting notes
  • opening/closing procedures

This will serve as your handbook. You must know every aspect of your business and how it functions. If you don’t know how your business operates, how can you hire and teach someone else?

Make sure your first stream is streaming

The most memorable piece of advice from Snoop, an Atlanta, Georgia-based serial entrepreneur. Snoop related to the desire and urgency that comes with making a lot of money quickly but recommends doing one business well before jumping into other business ventures. Focus on the one business venture to make sure it’s running properly and generating income consistently so that you can build on that.

Snoop also stressed the importance of writing down how your business runs because this is the handbook to your business. With that, you could train the next person you hire for your business. This relieves the pressure of having to do everything yourself.

Mz. Skittlez the founder of marketing company The Icing Agency and apparel brand Cupcake Mafia, offered tips on how to make systems and processes simpler. is a video messaging service platform to help get you and your business organized. This software can be used to record how your business runs and serve as your onboarding process.

Adding that you should be involved with a team of financial professionals that you have researched and trust. If your financial professionals don’t want to talk to each other consider getting a new team.

Know For Sure Podcast

Comedienne B. Simone and her childhood friend since the sixth grade Megan Brooks spoke openly about their show Know For Sure currently in its first season. I learned about their show a few weeks back when a clip of episode three: “B. Simone’s Abortion and How It Impacted Megan” went viral. I thought it was an open and raw episode so I was excited to see them live.

Not only do the ladies remind me of the relationship with my own best friend, but I loved how they approach their friendship while in business. You hear all the time about friendships ending over business. So it was nice to hear that they have gone to therapy as a preventative measure to work through conflict.

It was obvious that they have a deep love and respect for each other. They don’t pretend to know it all but are relatable while having uncomfortable conversations.


All the events I attended gave me something new to think about. I looked at my writing career differently and set new goals to work towards. It applied a little pressure to strive toward the life I want and bring forth everything that is in my head.

Building community is so important not just for the monetary gains but because its cultivates solutions and empathy.

Besides all the great information it was just really nice to just see people of color winning and see small parts of me in others. There’s just something about seeing people that look like you, that you relate to doing badass stuff. It is very possible run in the big leagues, give back and live your life.

Read the highlights of day two of Black Equity Con here.

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