Canva Create 2022

If you’re not using Canva, then I don’t know what you’re waiting for! 

Since 2013 Canva has given individuals from all walks of life and career paths the ability to design. During that time, users created logos for their businesses, designs that reunited loved ones, and I even designed a t-shirt or two. 

The design platform is always looking for ways to make design easier and more accessible for everyone.

That’s why there’s so much excitement around the launch of Canva Create 2022. This is their most ambitious update, announcing six new features that will change the way you work.

The Future of Visual Work

The future of visual work is here. With Canva Create, you can now create visuals that are more impactful than ever before. Their new visual work suite offers six powerful features to help educators, non-profit organizations, individuals, and business owners of all sizes take their visuals to the next level.

In this post, I’ll introduce you to each of these features and show you how to use them to create stunning visuals for your next presentation, newsletter, pitch, or sweater. As this year’s announcement theme, the future is yours to create. 

 So let’s get into it!

Creativity image from Canva- Delia Pena-Gay
Source: Canva

Six New Features

As Canva’s work suite grows, it is empowering and inspiring workspace culture everywhere. The latest update is packed with new features and product launches that will bring your ideas to life in a big and bold way.

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

Canva Whiteboard is an excellent tool to use in the classroom or for a presentation.

  • you will never run out of space. 
  • you can share ideas from anywhere and on any device
  • there are hundreds of templates to choose from, and you can comment and assign tasks. 

One billion videos have been created and shared on Canva Video since it launched in 2020. Users love drag-and-drop editing and the one-click image background remover so much that it’s been used over 930 million times. 

The latest feature is match & move transitions. This feature allows you to switch between different kinds of content. You can switch between storyboards, videos, and presentations all within the same design. 

Canva partnered with Flourish, a data visualization platform, to create visual presentations and make designs quick and easy for non-coders.

Some of the new highlights in Canva Presentation are:

  •  Use any file, whether a PDF or photoshop and drag and drop in a template
  •  you can record yourself into a presentation and set it up on demand
  •  control and stay in sync with your presentation on desktop or mobile 

You can turn anything into a website, with Canva and this is what sets it apart:

  • There are hundreds of high-quality templates
  • you can bring your existing domain, buy a new one or get one for free
  • make one design that adapts to any mobile, tablet, or desktop screen size
  • hide your site from search engines or add password protection

Canva Print Products have become more seamless, affordable, and sustainable, and here’s how:

  • new automated proofing indicates if elements will be cut off or if images will come out blurry
  • Not only is there free delivery (an option available with paid subscription), but now you can select in-store pickup. In the US, pick-up is available at Fed-Ex and Staples for those living in Canada
  • for every design printed, one tree is planted, and by the end of the year, Canva will have planted more than 5 million trees

Canva Docs is coming soon and will enable teams to: 

  • Share and communicate ideas
  • include all types of content such as charts, photos, and embedded links to and from other Canva designs
  • convert any type of document into a presentation. 

The future of visual design has arrived in 2022!

The Power of Community

With the release of the visual work suite, Canva strives to build a robust community to help you design better. They want to give you the tools to make your ideas a reality. All you have to do is focus on what’s important—creating beautiful visuals that communicate your message perfectly.

What’s Next For Creators?

Now that Canva has announced its new features let’s look at its initiatives beyond design. With a mission to make visual collaboration more inclusive, Canva has integrated two new community marketplaces: Canva Creator and the App Marketplace.

Canva Creators is a content marketplace that allows educators, illustrators, photographers, and designers from around the world to earn passive income by creating and selling their designs. Canva creators have already contributed 1.5 million templates and 22 million images to the platform. 

To become a Canva creator, click here

The App Marketplace is a plug-able platform that any developer can build on, making connecting on one platform simple.

And I can’t forget about the text-to-image feature! If you can’t find an image that speaks to your creativity, you can now describe what you want to see, and Canva will generate the image. 

Check out my text-to-image below

Text to Image made on Canva Create 2022  design by Delia Pena-Gay
Source: Image made on Canva

Canva is expanding its reach into the education market. All teachers in all school districts will now have free access to Canva for Education, which includes built-in learning resources and tools. Plus, they give 50 free seats to non-profit organizations on Canva for Teams.

What are you waiting for? Dive in and start creating!


Six new applications were added to Canva’s platform, to help you revolutionize visuals for your business, classroom, or project.

The changes that have been made to the work suit are pretty impressive. They signal a shift towards more visual presentations, which is fantastic if you want to create engaging visuals for your brand. If you’re curious about what’s new in Canva, head over there today!

For your content strategy, you can schedule a FREE consultation here.

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