BBQ Low vibrational plate

Stormy Wellington Ends Low-Vibrations

Coach Stormy Wellington has gone viral yet again for “low-vibrational plates” during her “Girl Hold My Hand Winning Weekend.”

The popular speaker and network marketer Stormy Wellington is on a crusade to help 1000 families become millionaires. Her mission is to inspire women to operate in excellence and become the best version of themselves. It’s time to grow, and she is the perfect catalyst to initiate a mindset shift.

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Bronx Black-Owned Restaurants: 10+ to Check Out!

We all know that the pandemic has hit the restaurant industry hard, many black-owned restaurants across the country, the state of New York, and specifically the City of The Bronx have been forced to close. Black Americans and black businesses have been disproportionately affected and because of this, now more than ever, it is crucial

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