Philadelphia Day Trip

I’m starting over! At 35, I made one of the most significant decisions of my life. I moved from NYC to a town near Philadelphia in search of something else.

Leaving a cultural mecca, amazing food, and endless opportunities, was tough but its not life if you are not living it, right? It was the chance to step back and do things differently; un-learn old ideas to re-learn new ones. Even living a life that friends and family don’t understand yet

A recent day trip to the city of “Brotherly Love” opened my mind and left me feeling hopeful. 

Keep reading to find out which three Philadelphia locations had the greatest impact on me. I promise it’s worth visiting! 

Location, Location, Location

 Octavious Catto 

 Octavious Catto statue in Centre City, PA
Source:  Octavious Catto statue taken by the author

I have a confession to make…

I didn’t know who Octavious Catto was before my day trip—seeing his 12-foot statue on the south side of City hall, commonly known as Center Square, was intriguing.

A quick google search later and this is what I learned:

  • Octavious Catto was a Civil rights leader in post Civil War Philadelphia. 
  • He was a teacher, athlete, and well respected in his community.
  • Some of his accomplishments were desegregating Philadelphia trolley cars, increasing voting, and educational opportunities for African Americans.
  • Two men killed him in 1877.
  • 140 years after his death Octavious was recognized

Success isn’t built overnight; it never has been and never will be. I don’t care how many Facebook ads or guides you read promising quick results and followings.

Octavious waited 140 years to be recognized for his contributions to civil liberties. He had to overcome several challenges and push forward. It won’t take you 140 years to see the fruits of your labor however if you set realistic expectations and understand sacrifices will be made then it wont feel as long.

Focus on achieving your goals daily and see how quickly you progress!

Ben Franklin Parkway

Ben Franklin Parkway is covered with flags. PA.
Source: Picture of Ben Franklin Parkway taken by the author

The Ben Franklin Parkway is a mile-long road that runs from Philadelphia’s City Hall around Logan Circle (Be sure to check out The Swan Memorial Fountain) and ends right before the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

With flags representing all the countries in the world running along “Museum Mile” I felt like royalty.

Coming from an overly populated city its nice to walk around freely. There’s peace on Museum Mile. Locals are out with their dogs enjoying the day. Others are in groups laughing and creating memories. Showing me that it is possible for us to get along.

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps. Philadelphia, PA
Source: Philadelphia Museum of Art Steps. Image was taken by the author

Who didn’t want to be like Rocky Balboa the “Heavy Weight Champion” of the world!? 

Running up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art as the triumphant underdog has come off my bucket list! LOL

Once satisfied with my reenactment I found what I was really looking for…the view. 

What I soaked in from this view was to remain present. You’re easily distracted by what’s next and overlook what already is. Appreciate the space you’re in, it’s not always going to be comfortable but there is beauty in growth. 

I’ll always be from NYC, but I have a new fondness for Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia Day Trip, written by Freelancer Delia Pena-Gay
Source: Selfie in the parking lot of the Philly art museum

Let me know in the comments which city you love to visit.

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