Transition Period Meaning & How You Benefit

90 days ago I left my home state (NYC) and 6 months before that I changed my career for the 3rd time. 

Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions! 

One minute you’re happy as a clam to ditch everything you know to start over. Then the next minute you’re asking yourself if you can actually do it. You have no idea how things are going to play out but you do it anyway because what do you really have to lose? 

Moving and changing careers more than once is scary but if you look at it from the right lens then you will see endless opportunities. 

I promise that you have what it takes to see the bright side of the transitional periods you experience throughout your lifetime. 

So keep reading to find out how things unfold and perhaps you can apply some things to your own process. 

Photo Cred: Pexels RODNAE Productions
Photo Cred: Pexels RODNAE Productions

When Realness Smacks You In The Face

Often times you don’t know you are changing until you are in the middle of your own mess!

It took 93 miles for me to see my mess clearly. 

93 miles to accept that my career in Dentistry which I loved, for the last 11 years no longer challenged me or made me happy.

I had to drive 93 miles for me to acknowledge that I had been carrying unspoken trauma from past relationships and life events for years. My Hispanic upbringing didn’t nurture emotions, so everyone in the family was just kind of “spicy.” I learned to swallow and then smile at whatever life was serving. 

So when I blurted out in an unrelated conversation that I had been: 

  • choked
  • almost had my face burned off
  • grieving the loss of my dog Bella, the end of a 20-year friendship with my best friend and Aunt GG
  •  got hit by a car in broad daylight
  • and had covid 

My inner woman was saying YES, those things really happened! And you survived them all!

I was stunned but I also had to let it all marinate!

It’s the Lessons For Me

Going through the emotions of a move and a career change is not easy. It’s doable but far from easy. I learned that when you decide to take a new direction in life and make declarations you must walk in it boldly. 

It’s not that things are happening to you but for you. How do you expect to make an impact or relate to others if you haven’t had experiences that stretch you beyond your own perspective? As digital as the world has become people still want a human connection. 

So I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s not always about YOU.

We tend to ask for things and when it doesn’t line up with our preference, we are instantly angered. Your willingness to only sacrifice a limited amount of time to your growth and self-development can’t be left on the back burner. These are the things that will push you out of comfortable places. This is how you find out what you are really made of. Nothing is worth having if you haven’t put your skin in the game. 

The biggest lesson I learned was that I’m in the driver’s seat for once. I’m in a new town with no past, no expectations, and the freedom to decide what’s best for me and no one else!

Ask yourself how far are you willing to go to live the life you want and desire?

Final Thoughts

Through the loss of friendships, family, jobs, and a move I learned that everything doesn’t always end. Sometimes things just take a pause to give you space and distance from the things that once kept you blinded. There are times we have to extend a little grace to each other in order for our true selves to rise. 

If you are at a crossroads embrace it! 

Your challenges ultimately help others, it gives hope to those that feel alone and show others there’s a way out! Own the decisions you did or didn’t make and allow it to fuel a different result out of you. 

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