Finding Love In 4 Paws

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When I think about what Love is,  there’s only one thing that comes to mind. 

Love doesn’t fit in a box and looks differently to everyone but is available for all. My definition of what love is is based on scripture.

Scripture says in 1 Cor 13: 4-7 (NIV) that 4Love is patient, love is kind. 5It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth. 7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

When you take a closer look at how the words are used you will understand the power in them. So let’s take a look at verse 7, always is used four times representing a continuous act. According to Webster’s Dictionary always means at all times, forever, at any rate: in any event. 

This proves that its our human nature that leads us to believe that love has a requirement. That Love only enters the room when certain conditions are met. 

I promise its situations, people, and out of control feelings that prevent you from experiencing love in its fullness. 

Love At First Sight

If you ask the public who they love more people or pets, most will say pets and here’s why:

  • They are loyal
  • Won’t talk back 
  • Food, shelter and some attention meet their basic needs
  • They are great companions

As a dog mom the love of a dog just doesn’t compare!

Bella was my first dog, the purest form of unconditional love I had ever experienced. She was the sunshine on cloudy days, she was my girl! 

Bella was a rednose Pitbull. She had floppy white ears, and a chocolate brown and white coat with a heart shaped patch on her side that stole my heart. If love at first sight were a person it would be Bella. 

Our days were filled with doggie play dates, belly rubs and long walks around the neighborhood. Snow days were her favorite time of year. If she saw you with grocery bags, you can expect her to stick her head in your bag as if she were an inspector. LOL

How Far Do You Go For Love?

At four years old Bella was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease (Hypoadrenocorticism) a rare hormonal but treatable disease. It was at this point that I understood the depths of love. 

Addison’s Disease prevents the production of cortisol and aldosterone two of the hormones needed in the adrenal gland in dogs. Cortisol and aldosterone are responsible for helping dogs deal with stress and regular body function. 

This is an expensive disease to manage. It required daily medication, monthly steroid injections, and $200 vet visits every three months to make sure her hormone levels were balanced. 

At any point, I could have decided to give her up for adoption because her illness was a financial burden. But I couldn’t. My biggest concern was that no one else would care for her the way I did.

  1. She was a Pitbull ( they already have a bad reputation)
  2. She had a medical condition. A study showed that 26% of pets are re-homed due to medical conditions. 

She was my dog and I loved her. Through sickness and health I was going to care for her.  I loved her through the time she shredded up a 24pk of Scott toilet paper, through her pulling out the couch cushions and laying across them like i was HER bed and I was going to love her through Addison’s Disease because that’s what you do!

Final Love Thoughts

In one word Love IS unconditional. 

You show up when times are both good and bad. You put your needs to the side for the best interest of someone else. 

Love is accountability.

Love is self-less.

Love is maintaining a standard.

Love is hope.

Love is always possible we ALL have the capacity to give and receive it! 

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