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Writing the goals, you have for the 21-day challenge by Delia Pena-Gay
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I recently participated in the 21-day challenge taught by business coach and American Writers & Artist Institute (AWAI) instructor Ilise Benun, and I wasn’t prepared for her opening remarks. 😂 She began to say that her challenge was built around the idea that we need to SLOW DOWN. Suggesting that we consider our business a laboratory and a place to “experiment.” At the same time, Ilise emphasized that we would take “baby steps” for the next 21 days. 

The Negative Nancy in me immediately starts shouting SLOW DOWN!?, BABY STEPS!?, EXPERIMENT!? I was trying to find the quickest way to speed things up,  so I could get my first PAID client!!! I take a deep breath, tell myself to chill out, and listen to what she says. After all, she is the expert!  

The 30 min Game Changer

The 21-day challenge is filled with simple 30 min activities driven to build confidence and ownership of your business. I  could work not only on my business but also on myself.

Treating each day in the challenge as a “baby step” helped me understand Ilise’s “slow down to succeed” mantra. Ilise and her live guests showed that working on small sections with focus could yield better results.  Being present helped me step back from the big picture and appreciate the process. It was one of those moments I could hear my mother say, “one thing at a time, mami.”

Showing up on LinkedIn for 30 mins a day and just looking for things I had in common with other people was a simple task that revealed three things:

  • I re-learned how to use what I had in common to start a connection 
  • I could offer a solution(s) in a way that brought people together 
  • Beverly Matoneys statement that “you dont have to get stuck to any one niche or industry” made so much more sense. 

Making new connections meant that my network would get bigger and more opportunities would become available. 

At The End of 21- Day Challenge

I walked away feeling like I had a better foundation.  I’m glad I didn’t submit to the negative talk and speed through the challenge – you miss a lot when you’re in a rush. I’ve made new connections and applied the advice given by experts Beverly Matoney, Christina Haviland, and Terri Trespicio. I’m excited to keep playing in my lab!

So…slow down and finish what you start no matter what challenges come up!

Someone once said that the prize is in finishing. Who you are at the start of something will look different at the end. 

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