Amateur Blogger: How to Conquer Common Blogging Mistakes

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I’ve said this once, but I’ll repeat it for the amateur blogger in the back. Blogging is not dead!! It’s still relevant and a valuable tool. Blogging is a popular marketing strategy for small business owners and entrepreneurs to build trust by sharing information. An article in Hubspot reports that blogging is the fifth most trusted source for online readers.  

It’s hard to pick a profitable niche that can generate multiple income streams from digital products, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and coaching when you’re just starting. The most lucrative blog niches for amateur bloggers to make money in are health, wealth, relationships, growth, and travel. It might seem like everyone is writing about one of these topics, but don’t let that get in the way. 

I’ve started my blog twice, but I realized all my blogging mistakes when I met my coach and guest on today’s episode. Side hustle coach and six-figure blogger Latasha Peterson is here to give amateur bloggers the insight to build a profitable blog on today’s Just B You Podcast episode. 


What is the easiest blog to make?

Do beginner bloggers make money?

Are blogs still relevant in 2023?

Listen to episode 225- Beyond Blogging below:

Topics This Episode Discusses:

  • Common amateur blogger mistakes
  • Strategies an amateur blogger needs to grow 
  • How side hustle coach Latasha Peterson leveraged her blog to pay 40k in debt
  • How an amateur blogger can stay organized in their blogging business
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Latasha’s Tips For New Bloggers

Since starting her personal finance blog in 2016, Latasha owes growing her brand to consistency. Committing to writing one blog a week exploded into two additional blogs in beauty and music. On the Beyond Blogging episode, Latasha shares four tips to fix the most common amateur blogger mistakes: 

  1. Create a blogging schedule – life gets hectic, especially if you are a wife and mother like Latasha’s, so set blogging times and stick to it. A healthy blogging schedule won’t make you feel you’re compromising time with your family. 
  2. Be a student – study the other bloggers in your niche and never stop learning. See what works for them, then put your unique spin on it. 
  3. Do Keyword Research – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as a blogging strategy is a long game. Still, using the right keywords can create opportunities for extra income, like affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsored posts. 
  4. Get Organized – Many tools are available to help you plan your content! You can easily get overwhelmed with writing, editing, and promoting, and don’t get me started on the technical aspects of blogging. Latasha keeps her sanity using color-coded spreadsheets calendars, and outsourcing some tasks. This way, she’s focused, inspired, and knows what’s coming next. My favorite content calendar is by Pixistock, and you can download a FREE 30-day content calendar here.  
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4 Places to Blog as an Amateur Blogger

Now that you know what Latasha does in her blogging business, it’s time to apply them. When I started blogging in 2021, I hung out in many writers’ groups and found the best online platforms for bloggers. Below is a list of platforms I’ve either explored or were recommended to me. These platforms are user-friendly, affordable, and where you can make a little extra cash.    


Is one of my favorite platforms for amateur bloggers because of the community, built-in audience, and the level of engagement from readers. You can start writing for hundreds of publications, from art to women’s stories, travel, AI, and more. 

You earn money by interacting with readers through claps, highlights, and commenting on stories. You’ll connect with readers and writers in different genres. Join thousands of other writers on the platform for five bucks a month using my link

My biggest mistake as an amateur blogger was not picking a suitable WordPress for my blog. I built my website twice because I needed help understanding the difference between and As a new blogger, you must understand the differences between and WordPress.Org to save time and meet your goals. 


Substack has been around since 2017, and most people refer to it as the newsletter platform, but it’s more than that. I have yet to test this platform, but the writers I know who use it say that the readers who follow you pay a subscription fee. Substack seems one of the best platforms to support your favorite podcasters and bloggers. 


Tealfeed is an all-in-one writing platform where you can start a blog or newsletter or host a webinar. Writers share their knowledge in technology, business, and more. This could be a great place if you’re a freelancer, teacher, or coach looking to start a blog. Join the waitlist today!

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