Turn Your Blog into a Business: Blog For Profit Academy Review

Turning your blog into a business: Blog for Profit Academy Review by Delia Pena-Gay

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Turning your blog into a business is different than it once was. Over the last decade, the blogging industry has changed and is no longer synonymous with being an online diary. Today’s blogs are focused content for readers to learn more about brands, products, and services. 

With more work-from-home opportunities and career changes due to the pandemic, women are taking their knowledge and passion for writing to start blogging businesses. A summer survey showed that 35% of bloggers’ income increased due to Covid-19. So if you’re new to the blogging space, don’t let fear of not getting noticed stop you. 

There is a solution!

In this product review, you will learn the key features of the Blog for Profit Academy, an All-In-One Live course teaching new bloggers how to turn their blogs into a business. Get ready to learn blogging A-Z to pursue your passion for writing and create a flexible lifestyle.  

Course Content

Starting a blog can feel like an undertaking, especially if you’ve just changed your career. You’re starting from scratch, and you need to learn the basics. You’re wondering where you should start, how you get people to notice you, and how you monetize it. 

Here are the topics you’ll find in the Blog for Profit Academy:

Blog Start-Up

One of the first things you’ll learn is how to set up your blog correctly. You’ll learn how to pick a niche, register your blog name, and set it up the hosting. You do not need to be a web designer to create your WordPress website because you are coached through it. All you need is a little time and patience. You’ll also learn the best ways to brand your blog so that you’re easily recognized.  

In my blog, How To Find The Best Blog Niche, I look deeper into how the Blog for Profit Academy helped me find the best blog niche.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Research 

One of the biggest mistakes aspiring bloggers make is not doing keyword research. In this course section, you’ll learn why an SEO strategy is essential and the best SEO tools to track your progress. You’ll be able to find the terms your audience searches for on Google. As a bonus, you’ll receive done-for-you templates to organize your research and thoughts.  

Before I joined the Blog For Profit Academy I wasn’t using keywords and didn’t even know how to conduct SEO research. An SEO company crawled my original website and determined that I had over 90 blocked pages. Once I implemented an SEO strategy I started getting quality backlinks, building a domain authority and improved my on-page SEO score.

You can see shots of my site audit before and after the Blog for Profit Academy below:

Site crawl before taking the course in Sept 2022
Site crawl stats eight months after joining the course. Stop thinking about it and turn your blog into a business.
Site Crawl eight months after taking the course

Marketing Your Blog on Social Media

Turning your blog into a business isn’t solely about writing and publishing your blog posts but also about knowing how to keep your blog in front of new readers. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to drive traffic to your website using Instagram and Pinterest. Once you grasp the basics of social media marketing, you can grow your blog on other platforms.  

Monetization and Income Increase

There are several ways to monetize your blog once you have gained traffic. Glassdoor reports that bloggers have the potential to earn 83K a year while other bloggers are making six figures. Unlimited income opportunities come from leveraging your blog and collaborating with other bloggers in your niche. You’ll also discover how to feature your blog in major media outlets.

Email Marketing

Learn the best way to spread the news about your blog through email marketing. Starting an email list and knowing how to grow it helps build a relationship with your readers. Keep your readers in the loop with updates or host special events. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a freebie that showcases your knowledge and discover three user-friendly email providers you can easily set up. 

Additional feedback from current members of the blog for profit academy.

Whose Your Blogging Coach

Side hustle coach Latasha Peterson is the Blog for Profit Academy creator and a serial entrepreneur. She started her blog in 2016 by making a small investment of 150 dollars and has turned her blog into a 6 figure business. Using the systems in the course, she paid off 40k in debt and gained over 140,000 monthly page views in 3 months with a bit of persistence and remaining consistent. 

Here’s what other bloggers have said about the blogging crash course:

Testimonial about Latasha Peterson, the creator of the course.

Live Interaction and Support 

In six live sessions, Latasha shows you how turning your blog into a business can positively impact someone’s life. The Blog for Profit Academy differs from the other programs that ghost you once the initial classes end. Latasha will continue coaching you through live Q&A sessions, access to exclusive experts, and unlimited access to the course so you can always go at your own pace. 

One of the benefits I love most about the academy is the community! Other like-minded bloggers surround you with whom you can collaborate, share tips, celebrate wins, and motivate one another. The Blog For Profit Academy is the best blogging course that shows you how to set up your website, branding, conduct keyword research, hire writers, and generate other blogging income streams. 

Blogging Success Stories

Here is a glimpse of some of the other students that have had success turning blogs into a business:

A blogging success story from a student of the blog for profit academy
Testimonial from a former student of the Blog for profit academy

Here are a few of my wins in the nine months I’ve been building my blog: 

My results after turning my blog into a business

How to Get Started

Turning your blog into a business will require you to make a small investment. But don’t let the word investment startle you because payment options are available. The Blog For Profit Academy is an ALL-In-One Course that teaches you everything you need to know to have a successful online business. Start your new blogging career and enroll today using my affiliate link.  

The content layout of the Blog for Profit Academy. Turning your blog into a business with an all-in-one live course for beginners made it simple.

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