What Careers Match My Strength: 5 Things You Should Know 

How many times in your life have you asked yourself what careers match my strength? You’re tired of accepting positions because you need a check and leave you feeling undervalued and unfulfilled. When you’re in work environments that don’t foster your unique talents you’re more likely to job-hop in search of a new opportunity. 

The Clifton Strength Test is a tool that will bring clarity to your talents and special skills so you can live a meaningful life. Statistics show that by the age of 39 or after four years with a company an employee will switch careers. In this blog you will learn what the Clifton Strengths Test is, the information it gives you, and how it can empower you to find a career path that makes you happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of StrengthsFinder?

How do I use StrengthsFinder to find a job?

Why is the Clifton StrengthsFinder recommended in career coaching?

What is a Strength Finder Coach?

For a woman in her mid-thirties, it’s either exciting or anxiety-inducing to switch careers. Since the pandemic and the introduction of hybrid work opportunities, 37%  of the American population has switched careers. Working with a Strength Finder Coach makes transitioning from one career to another a lot smoother. 

A Strength Finder Coach is a certified professional who has undergone training through Gallup, to guide individuals on a journey of self-discovery and career exploration. The coach will help you see your potential and show you how to develop your gifts and talents. The benefit of having a strength-finder coach allows you to embrace your true self, communicate your strengths effectively, and help you find a career you genuinely love.

You have to have confidence in yourself. To expose who you are and love who you are.

Create a list of list of strengths and weaknesses to discover what careers match my strengths

What Your Strengths Look Like at Work

Career transitions can be daunting if you don’t know where you excel or how you add value to a team. In episode 220 of the Just B You Podcast, Irma emphasized the importance of working in alignment with your strengths and talents so you can eliminate asking what careers match your strengths. 

When women operate from a position of strength, they can make a significant impact in their work environment. For instance, someone with excellent relationship-building talents may excel in networking and forming valuable connections in their new industry. On the other hand, a woman with strong organizational skills might focus on project management and problem-solving. Embracing these strengths not only benefits their career but also helps in building stronger workplace relationships.

Office culture is like figuring out which pieces of the puzzle work together and connect so you can see the full picture.


What Careers Match My Strength?

When you’re switching careers and take the Clifton Strengths Assessment it plays a major role in how you see yourself collaborating with others. This powerful tool reveals a woman’s unique contribution to a team in four domains or themes: Influencing, Strategic Thinking, Executing, and Relationship Building. Within each domain, are 34 specific talents that shed light on your innate abilities and potential areas of excellence. 

For women transitioning careers, this assessment can reveal hidden strengths that are transferable and create a new path to happiness. Understanding these strengths empowers you to leverage your skills effectively, leading to personal fulfillment and success in your new career endeavors. According to Irma people typically operate from their first five talents.

Download the full episode of the Just B You Podcast for specific examples of how your talents could show up at work. 

About 40% of people are not working in their strengths.

Sample of the Strength Finder Results

Personality Test Vs. Strengths Test

You’ve probably taken a personality test once or twice when applying for a job and may think the strengths test is the same. Well, I’m here to tell you where they differ. Personality tests offer valuable insights, however, a strengths test, as Irma puts it dives deeper into what truly makes a woman thrive in her career. 

Personality tests identify how you react to different situations, but determining your strengths reveals your “happy place” and where you excel naturally. Understanding what your strengths are brings fulfillment and helps make career decisions that align with your passions, abilities, and long-term goals.

Who’s eligible For The Strengths Finder Test?

The Strengths Finder test is inclusive and accessible to women from various backgrounds and professions. It is well-suited for anyone contemplating a career switch, seeking personal growth, or someone whose been out of the workforce for years and is re-entering. The strengths finder assessment is also suitable for kids as young as 10 years old.

women working with a Strengths Finder coach to transition careers and find out what careers match her strength.


In conclusion, women considering a career pivot can benefit from the guidance of a Strength Finder Coach. The process of self-discovery, empowered by the Clifton Strengths Assessment, allows you to identify your strengths and talents, providing a solid foundation for a successful career transition. Align your strengths with personal fulfillment and stop wondering about what careers match your strength.

If you’re a woman looking to find a career you truly love, consider working with a Strength Finder Coach. They can help you unlock your full potential and embark on a rewarding and purposeful professional journey.

Hear more about Strengths Finder Coach Irma Vargas on episode 220 of the Just B You Podcast.

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