The Truth About How to Upskill Yourself

Women empowering themselves to upskill.

Ever wonder how to upskill yourself in the age of AI, better known as the fourth Industrial Revolution? The truth is you’re not in competition with the chatbots- but the folks who know how to use AI like a personal assistant. According to a study by IBM, 40% of workers will have to upskill or reskill in the next three years. So, learn the new skills you need to keep up with the evolution of technology. 

If you’ve ever chatted with Live Beauty Help on or used Canvas Magic Switch, you’ve already had contact with AI-driven tools.  In this blog, you will not just learn how to upskill yourself but where to go and why it’s a game changer in your new career. Get ready to be a master in a new tech-savvy career.


What are some ways you Upskill yourself?

How can I Upskill fast?

What is an example of upskilling?

What is Upskilling 

Before COVID-19, upskilling was the last thing on my mind; it wasn’t ’til I was furloughed that I forced myself to think about alternative ways to make money. All I’d known was Dentistry, and I was curious how that would translate in a digital space. I had all the feelings; I was overwhelmed, lost, and nervous. Keep reading, and you’ll learn what upskilling is, as I did.

Upskilling means that you are learning new skills within the same industry or field. Doing this increases your skillset over time and creates more opportunities for yourself. Upskilling can also mix hard (a specific skill set) and soft skills (your personality, leadership, or communication). 

For example, if you are a hairstylist, you might take a workshop to learn how to work with natural-textured hair. Or, if you’re already a teacher, you might take a technology course and find creative ways to incorporate it into your lesson plan.

In my last post, Communication Matters and It’s Not Complicated Episode 15

I wrote about how you can improve your communication skills to help you create a remote lifestyle, and you can read it here

Upskill yourself with self-paced courses.

Courses to Upskill Yourself While You’re Still Working

You may be wondering how you’re supposed to upskill while working. Here’s my answer: you make time for the things that matter! There are so many self-paced courses nowadays that you can upskill yourself in 60 minutes anywhere, whether sitting in your car waiting for your kid to come out of practice or under the dryer at the hair salon. 

Here’s a list of platforms for you to check out. I’ve taken courses from most of these platforms while furloughed, or they come highly recommended. 

  • Coursera – it’s free to join, and you can earn a certificate for many of the courses. It’s possible to find yourself in a new entry-level job within six months, depending on your schedule and commitment. 
  • Udemy offers up-to-date, on-demand courses in a variety of languages and topics. 
  • LinkedIn Learning has a 30-day free trial for you to learn new skills in business, tech, and communication. You can earn a certificate in some programs to add to your resume.
  • My Computer Career is an excellent chance for IT professionals to upskill in cybersecurity, help desk, ethical hacking, and more.

Advance your Career in AI with these Courses

Here are a few courses that I’ve taken on Courses and Learnworlds to help bridge the gap between you and AI:

Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT is a program on Coursera that will teach you the basics of prompt engineering, and you will get a better understanding of how Open AI works.

Course Masters is on the Learnworlds platform that shows people how to create a course with the help of AI. They are running The Accelerator Program, which will help you create a program in two weeks. 

Introduction to Midjourney teaches you how to use prompt engineering to create various images and content on Midjourney. Get a better understanding of Generative AI within a week. 

How To Upskill Yourself so AI Doesn’t Steal Your Job

The business world is changing quickly, and so are the ways people are incorporating AI. There is a lot of controversy around AI, but once you learn how to use it, there are a lot of benefits and ways to make money using AI. Here are a few references to help you get started upskilling in AI.

Cinneah E

Cinneah is a nine-to-five hottie showing women how to upkill their resumes and land six figure jobs.
Source: @fly.nanced

Cinneah is a 9 – 5 hottie helping black women upskill resumes with proper transferable skills language to land six-figure jobs. I attended her September Surge Challenge, where she showed you how to implement Chatgpt to revamp your resume within minutes. She offers courses and a mentorship program so you can land a six-figure 9-5. Check her out on Instagram

Kezia M. Williams

Kezia William,  the AI side hustler, can helps you learn how to upskill yourself using AI-driven tools.
Source: @keziamw

Mannn listen, Professor Kez is one of my favorite AI hustlers on IG and has taught over 3,100 young black entrepreneurs how to build wealth and use AI to their advantage. She founded School at Night and makes learning AI in three hours fun and exciting even for the non-tech person. Kezia is currently running virtual and in-person classes on using AI to earn money this holiday season, how to illustrate story books, and how to create profitable avatars. All of her classes are under 100 and hot in demand. Check her out on Instagram


Mr. Grateful is a young entrepreneur teaching others how to upskill themselves with Chatgt.
Source: @mr.grateful

Mr. Grateful is an AI genius who grew his Instagram account from 5k followers to 160k followers in 30 days during the Agent – GPT challenge. He’s successfully used ChatGpt as a social media manager to create reels, video scripts, and AI Art to engage and educate his audience. Follow him on Instagram to learn how to use Chatgpt!

Wrap Up

It’s no surprise that AI is as large a part of our lives as it is. You knew this day would happen since the first time the Jetsons aired. Now is the time to get ahead of the curve by learning to upskill yourself. Today, you can do that by taking courses on Coursera, Udemy, Learnworlds, and social media influencers like Cinneah, Professor Kez, and Mr. Grateful. Don’t let AI intimidate you like anything else. The more you use something, the more proficient you become!

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