The Future of Blogging: How to Adapt With AI

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Two and a half years ago, I started a journey that changed my location and career path. The journey was filled with uncertainty and excitement and often feels like the evolving blogging world. 

There’s always a new trend or tool to challenge your creative voice, making you wonder: will AI replace blogging? Is there a future in blogging? Is blogging dead with ChatGPT? 

In this blog post, you will better understand the future of blogging and how AI and technology are changing the game. I’ll cover the trends you need to be mindful of and some tips on using technology to your advantage. 

FAQ Questions

Will AI replace blogging?

Is there future in blogging?

Is blogging dead with ChatGPT?

The Evolution of Blogging with AI 

As a blogger, staying in the loop on the latest technological developments gives you a competitive edge. Blogging is not fading away; it’s transforming. AI tools are changing how we create, optimize, and engage with content. A recent article showed that ⅔ of consumers are comfortable engaging with AI-generated content if it improves their online experience.

For those who feel overwhelmed by technology, think of AI as a helper. You can use AI for keyword research, content ideas, or market research. Once you master the tools, you work faster, making connecting with your audience easier.

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If you’re not using AI in your daily life, you’re making a huge mistake!!!

-Gary V.
Source: Semrush webinar

Partner with AI So You’re Not Replaced

The fear that AI will replace bloggers is understandable; you remember the job posting Netflix put out during last summer’s writers’ strike. It forced many people to rethink their skill set and all the possibilities AI could be integrated into their lives. So, the choice is yours; you can feel intimidated by tech concepts or change your perspective. Ask yourself if you see AI as an asset to your creativity or let it overshadow it. 

Don’t ask ChatGPT anything that you cannot verify yourself. Do not go in there and expect it to teach you something you can’t look at or research to confirm. If you do that and you’re dependent on it, you’re in the danger zone because it’s good at giving you an answer that sounds good, whether it’s true or not.

– Chris Rodgers.

Elevate Your Creativity Using AI

The future of blogging lies in knowing when and where to implement AI. There’s one thing I know for sure, and that AI cannot duplicate a human experience. No matter how well an AI tool is trained to pick up human patterns, it can’t replicate the intimate details that make your experience memorable. 

Technology and AI productivity tools enable you to ideate more in less time. Statistics show that bloggers using AI save 30% less time writing blog posts. Once proficient in prompt engineering, I could create social media posts, emails, newsletters, and digital products in a few hours.  

Below are images of the prompts I used to turn my lead magnet into a blog and emails:

Prompt engineering is the future of blogging

The Future of Blogging for Thought Leaders and Community Builders

Blogging is the number one marketing tool for entrepreneurs and small business owners. But let’s not forget its purpose—sharing knowledge, offering insights from your experiences, and creating safe. Let’s remember its purpose: sharing knowledge, offering insights, and creating safe spaces for readers. Blogging is your stage to tell stories, a source of inspiration, and putting people on to the information you wish you knew about sooner. 

Suppose you’ve ever wondered how Google decides who the experts are. In that case, it is based on Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (EEAT). Google follows these guidelines to judge if the writer has personal experience with the topic they claim to be an expert in. 

AI Trends You Should Know

The future of blogging is more than a marketing strategy. It’s a way for leaders and community builders to set themselves apart, and here are the trends you should know:

  • When using AI tools, make sure you are following EEAT.
  • Personalized recommendations like Convertkits Creator Profile are a one-stop shop that showcases your content, digital products, and ways to connect.
  • Automating your blogging workflow with AI tools 
  • Build a blogging brand that is fun and flexible enough for people to see themselves in

Learn how to leverage Convertkit and grow your blogging audience here.  

Salesforce explains how the future of blogging depends on creating a brand that everyone can see themselves in
Source: Salesforce webinar

Adapting to the Future: Continuous Learning and Innovation

Accepting AI tools in blogging is step number one for those navigating career transitions or overcoming technology apprehension. It’s a chance for you to grow and think outside the box. Here are a few tips when using AI and technology:

  • Learn one tech tool at a time and build on it. 
  • Determine what your goal is with using tech in your blog.
  • Remember to include your own experience in the topic you are writing about. It builds trust with your readers and makes you the expert.
  • Follow your intuition as you learn and apply techniques. 

I encourage you to stay curious, experiment with new technologies, and continuously explore ways to enhance your blog’s reach.


As you leave your career and enter the blogosphere, please look at tech tools like Chatgpt as leverage. It’s a chance to redefine how you blend technology with humanity and create blogging content that matters. The future of blogging is bright and filled with possibilities if you are willing to embrace change and make your mark on the world.

Grab the Tech Made Easy Toolkit I made for bloggers and build your confidence around technology. 

See you in the next post!

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