Holiday Sweatshirt Fun: Grab Your Favorite Ugly Knit

Three friends laughing outside in their holiday sweaters
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Wearing an ugly holiday sweatshirt is as unavoidable as singing Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas.” Did you know that 13% of people wear ugly holiday sweatshirts during the holidays, and it generates 5 million dollars a year? I remember celebrating my first ugly holiday sweater party with my girlfriends at an adorable bar in New York City. 

Carol wore a bright green sweater bedazzled with garland, ornaments, and lights controlled by a tiny remote. Her shirt was giving The Rockefeller Center tree a run for its money. Another friend wore a “Your Santa’s Favorite Ho” sweater with Santa chasing the gingerbread man. 

Among the laughter and our rendition of our favorite Christmas songs, I realized that the ugly sweatshirts were more than a funny fashion choice; they were a source of joy and bonding. 

This blog post will teach you how ugly holiday sweatshirts went from tacky Jingle Bell sweaters to high-end fashion pieces. Ugly holiday sweaters are the life of the party, and you can join the fun by checking out the latest designs from Cultura By Dee on Etsy.  

My first ugly Christmas sweater party

Ugly Holiday Sweatshirts Humble Beginnings

Before Ugly Holiday Sweatshirts became what it is today, it was known as the Jingle Bell sweater in the 1950s. Traditionally, the long-sleeved wool sweaters are covered in simple patterns and symbols associated with Christmas. The uglier you made a sweatshirt with tinsel, snowmen, dancing Santas, and reindeer, the better it was. 

Then Bill Cosby and Chevy Chase hit the scene in the 80’s and changed the game by making ugly sweaters popular. Throughout The Cosby Show, Bill wears the most outrageous sweatshirt designs, from fireworks with a city skyline to black men running a relay race to the infamous green sweater with combs. His sweater may not have been couture, but they make a good laugh.

Bill Cosby coming downstairs in an ugly sweater.
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 And I’m sure you remember the Griswold’s plaid holiday outfits and moose decor from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.” 

The Rise of Ugly Christmas Sweater

By the early 2000s, the ugly holiday sweatshirt was becoming more of a Christmas tradition. Not only do you see more holiday sweatshirts on TV and in films, but 2002 was the birth of the first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party in Vancouver, Canada.

 2011 was also the start of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, which takes place on the third Friday in December. Ugly holiday sweaters are a staple to the Christmas season, and you can join the trend by selecting your sweatshirt in my Etsy shop.

Evolution of Ugly Holiday Sweatshirts

Today, holiday sweatshirts are more than just a gag; they’re a bona fide fashion statement. They represent your sense of humor, a love for the festive season, and a willingness to step outside your conventional fashion box. An ugly holiday sweater has no creative bounds. You can rock a shirt filled with 3D holiday elements, or for some inspiration, check out Jimmy Fallon’s 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters. 

One year, I couldn’t find an ugly sweatshirt I loved, so I made an ugly holiday outfit. I found holiday leggings and a sweatshirt on Amazon that matched so well. Everyone thought it was a holiday jumpsuit, completing the outfit with flashing light bulbs earrings I found at a local discount store. 

Five girls at an Ugly Holiday sweater party

Cultura By Dee: Your Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt Destination 

Cultura by Dee is my little corner on Etsy, where holiday sweatshirts get a fresh and stylish spin. You’ll find sweaters that blend traditional festive elements with contemporary design and humor. Whether you’re looking for something that lights up the room or a witty nod to popular cultural references, Cultura by Dee has you covered.

Get into the holiday spirit with a unique twist. Remember, these aren’t just sweaters; they’re conversation starters, mood lifters, and, most importantly, a lotta fun. Check out Cultura by Dee and find the holiday sweatshirt that’s not just ‘ugly’ but uniquely you.

Women holding merry christmas sign while wearing a holiday sweatshirt.
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