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Economic Resilience in the New Urban Economy

The world is changing, and the way people live and work is rapidly evolving. As cities become increasingly urbanized, the impact of the new urban economy is becoming more evident. This article will explore the concept of economic resilience and its impact on society’s lower and middle classes. You will get an overview of the urban economy, the benefits of economies of agglomeration, strategies to encourage economic resilience, and examples of successful economic resilience programs. You will also discover the challenges in achieving economic resilience and offer some concluding thoughts.

Bronx Black-Owned Restaurants: 10+ to Check Out!

We all know that the pandemic has hit the restaurant industry hard, many black-owned restaurants across the country, the state of New York, and specifically the City of The Bronx have been forced to close. Black Americans and black businesses have been disproportionately affected and because of this, now more than ever, it is crucial …

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