Motivated Women In Tech: Breakthrough Challenges And Embrace Joy Daily

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Motivated women in tech are redefining success across all industries. Yet, black women in tech face unique challenges that can dim their fire. Inflexible work schedules, persistent pay gaps, and a lack of representation can create a feeling of isolation and doubt. According to Forbes Advisor, 36% of women have tech-related jobs, and only 3% identify as black.

But here’s the secret weapon of motivated women in tech: resilience. This blog post is to help you believe in the power of your resilience. I am equipping you with strategies to stay motivated and overcome challenges when the odds seem stacked against you. Remember, your resilience is your strength.

4 Ways to Stay Motivated in Blogging

Imagine being eager to launch a blog; you’re motivated and passionate about a specific topic. But you’ve just switched careers and don’t see yourself as a techie. Just thinking about the technical aspects of blogging and juggling a demanding schedule feels overwhelming. Here’s how to stay motivated as you conquer these initial hurdles:

It’s Deeper than “Why”

You’ve all heard successful business owners and entrepreneurs say to focus on your “why.” And that sounds good until your “why” changes for a reason, season, or person. Life throws you a curve ball, a new trend pops up, or your priorities change, causing you to forget “why” you started in the first place. 

Remember Angelic from the Toxic Ambition episode of Just B You Podcast? She said you gotta ask yourself “why” seven times before getting to the real reason. Everything before that is just surface stuff. 

So, instead, remind yourself about your intentions for blogging. Was it a desire to educate, entertain, or build a community around your passion? When you’re clear on your intention, your decisions become the fuel you need to persevere and be a motivated woman in tech.

Find Your Sisterhood

Connect with other motivated women in tech, specifically those in the blogging sphere. Check Facebook groups or online communities like Her Tech Path and Her Tech Unicorn, which are dedicated to women of color. They offer mentorship, support, and shared experiences.

Also, check with your local church. They may have free resources or upcoming events to help you network with other creatives. Surrounding yourself with women who understand your struggles and celebrate your victories is a powerful motivator for motivated women in tech.

Celebrate Every Milestone

Building a successful blog takes time and dedication. Don’t wait for a viral moment to feel accomplished. Motivated women in tech celebrate every small victory—mastering a new WordPress plugin, writing a compelling blog post, or receiving positive feedback from a reader. Please don’t overlook the small wins. They are the stepping stones to your success.

Last week, I celebrated my blogging accountability partner’s growth in her tech confidence. A year ago, she needed help understanding how to connect her podcast with her blogs and rebrand herself as a blogger. She needed to understand how AI could fully help her reach her blogging goals. Now, she’s using Chatgpt like a pro, engaging with her followers, and seamlessly using AI in her workflow. 

She’s an example of how every conquered fear, mastered skill, or positive reader comment is a milestone worth acknowledging. It’s these little moments that fuel motivated women in tech. 

Maintain a spiritual life

Prevent burnout by maintaining a spiritual life to help you navigate the highs and lows of a new blogging career. Black women usually wear different hats in their households and often neglect self-care. Ask for help and make time for your spiritual wellness. Look for spiritual growth classes at your church. Do the things that ground you and remind you of who you are. 

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John 16:33 (NIV)

33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Growth Mindset Strategies for Motivated Woman in Tech

There will be moments when you, the motivated woman in tech, feel overwhelmed by the constant flood of new blog tools, platforms, and trends. The key is to evaluate where you are. If something works for you and you get results, keep doing it! Once you’re ready to learn new skills, plan to achieve them. Just be patient as you adopt a growth mindset. Getting discouraged by what you don’t know is easy, but this is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow.

Master the Fundamentals

Focus on the foundational skills you need to build a solid blogging platform. Learn about SEO best practices, content creation strategies, and basic website maintenance. Be confident around technical blogging language; there are a variety of free online resources, courses, and tutorials available for you to learn.

Learn from the Experts

Follow successful tech bloggers and content creators and test their strategies. Their success can inspire you. Please pay attention to the types of content they produce, the tools they use, and their overall approach. It’s a quick way to gain valuable insights without formal training, empowering you as a motivated woman in tech.  

Make Experimentation Fun

Have fun experimenting with different formats and tools. Explore AI productivity tools, video editors, or keyword search tools at your own pace. Each new skill expands your tech knowledge and adds value to your offerings as a motivated woman in tech.

Enjoy the Journey

The path to blogging tech success is rarely linear. There will be setbacks, moments of self-doubt, and unexpected challenges. Embrace these as learning experiences. Pick yourself up, and keep pushing forward. Your resilience is a defining characteristic of motivated women in tech.

  • Recommendation: Stop comparing where you are with someone else. 
Stay motivated in your blogging journey by keeping track of your goals in a note—a strategy motivated women in tech use.
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The blogging world craves to hear your unique perspective and experience. Don’t let the tech challenges deter you from pursuing your goals. Remember to be intentional, surround yourself with a community, get an accountability partner, and keep God in the center. 

Leave a comment below and share your tech goals or challenges. Let’s build a thriving community of motivated women in tech who are ready to crush it and support each other.

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