How to Attract a Blissful Remote Lifestyle and Ditch Your 9-5

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No matter how fed up bosses say they are with remote workers, having a remote lifestyle is still in demand. Working remotely allows single moms to spend more time with their kids and couples to travel together. Since the pandemic, there’s been a shift in mindset, and studies show that 40% of people could care less about work.

People want careers that offer a better quality of life and support their lifestyle. I used to work long hours in Dentistry and often felt overworked and guilty for missing family events. In this blog, you will learn what a remote lifestyle is, the future of remote work, and how to find remote work opportunities.


What is a remote lifestyle?

What is digital nomad lifestyle?

How do you become a remote nomad?

What Is a Remote Lifestyle?

A remote lifestyle starts with being intentional. You’re not tied to a specific location like you are in a 9 to 5 job and get to decide how and from where you will earn a living. Working 9-5 has been working since the 1800s because its routine provides a sense of financial stability and structure.

Thanks to technological advancements and Artificial Intelligence, you can work anywhere you call home. You can book a fabulous workcation destination to Mexico, Greece, Croatia and more. The days of punching in, working for seven, sometimes seven and a half on tasks, then punching out are no longer the norm.

In a remote lifestyle, you control the days and hours you work. You decide if your office is on your couch, the beach, a coffee shop, or a coworking space. The key to a successful remote lifestyle is a computer, a strong Wi-Fi connection, a quiet environment, and following your boss’s requirements.

I held one remote position where the only requirement was to attend three weekly group members. The group meetings were the company’s version of the water cooler experience and ensured no one felt excluded.

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Digital Nomads vs. Working Remotely

Digital Nomads and remote workers are terms used interchangeably but mean different things. While both allow you to work from any location, here’s what makes them different: 

Digital Nomads constantly travel as they work and don’t call one place home. Remote workers, on the other hand, may have a permanent address. Some remote jobs are location-specific and  require you to live in the state or have a specialized certificate or license. Now that you know what sets them apart, ask yourself which remote lifestyle you want.

Remote Work Trends 

As I mentioned earlier, remote work isn’t going anywhere, and some of the biggest companies, like CVS, Southwest Airlines, American Express, and Tesla, have created remote positions. Here are some interesting statistics you should know about:

  • Forbes Business reports that by 2025, 32.6 million people will have remote jobs
  • 16% of companies hire remote-only workers
  • Remote work makes up 15% of job opportunities
  • 79% of work-from-home employees say their boss trusts them 
  • Remote workers show more loyalty to their employers than in-person employees

If you’re ready for a remote lifestyle, keep reading to learn how to find the right opportunities. 

Create a remote lifestyle by looking on remote job boards.

How to Find Remote Job Opportunities

Switching to a remote position takes planning, so before you give your two weeks’ notice, communicate your needs with your manager or boss to see if your role can be done virtually. Also, evaluate the following: 

  • Do you need to upskill?
  • Do you have a home office set up? 
  • What boundaries do you have to create with your family so they know they can’t disturb you during work hours?  

If you must make a hard decision and quit or are ready to switch to a remote career, below is a list of the top FREE job boards with remote opportunities in various industries. 

For step-by-step help applying for remote roles, I’ve curated a list of my favorite work-from-home YouTube channels. These channels include resume and cover letter templates and show you how to apply your existing skills to new roles with some wordplay. Check out my list below:

Remote Work Salaries

Working remotely gives you time freedom and can earn you six figures. Below is a list of the hottest top-earning remote jobs you can apply for:

  • Mobile Developer
  • Ux Researcher/Designer
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Marketing
  • Copywriter
  • Development Operations Engineer 
  • Speech Language Pathologist
Jazzy Mac talks about salary negotiations for a remote lifestyle.
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Remote Placement Programs

Remote jobs that require you to relocate can be stressful. Relocation programs like Tulsa Remote and Make My Move make transitioning to a remote lifestyle smoother. Tulsa Remote helps families move to Tulsa, OK, with a monthly stipend and resources. Make My Move connects you to 100+ work-from-home jobs in Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Louisiana, and other states. So, pack your bags and get ready for your new career adventure. 


You can create the remote lifestyle you’ve always desired. All you need is a plan and the career paths that align with your lifestyle. You no longer have to trade one in for another. Studies show that remote work will continue to grow by 2025, and major companies are creating more jobs for remote workers. Get ahead of the curve and make the upcoming year your breakout year for remote work!

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