UX Writing And How It Works

At this point, I’m sure you have seen all the ads for UX/UI design and UX writing and thought to yourself what is up with this?

With the world going completely digital it can sometimes be overwhelming with all the new ways you can navigate in this space. Don’t worry I’m about to break down and it will all make sense in a minute. 

What is UX Writing

For starters, UX simply means user experience. The user is anyone using a product, service, or website. The experience refers to the interaction the user is having, which is either good or bad or could be improved for the most part. The experience is happening whether you realize it or not. 

Think about your last experience with Uber Eats or the e-mail you read from your favorite cosmetics brand. How did it make you feel? Any time you come into contact with a business you are having an experience as the user. 

Now throw in some writing and you’re writing about the user experience. 

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Why UX Writing Matters

This isn’t a new idea, it’s been around for at least ten years. Companies like Amazon Google, and Apple use this approach.   

The user experience matters because you are living in the digital age, there is still a pandemic happening and you have so many options. Sometimes your experience is the deciding factor for you to continue forward. Let’s not forget that although the interaction is a virtual one, you still want a human connection.  

How many times have you called customer service and immediately hit zero or repeatedly said, REPRESENTATIVE because you wanted a human voice?

More and more companies are looking for ways to improve the user experience because if you have a great time with X company chances are you would be a repeat customer. You know the old saying “bad news travels faster than good news” and no one wants that. 

Creating A Good User Experience

When working on UX you are focused on the user’s needs and goals more than the business’s goals and needs because they benefit by default.  

Here are three ways to create the best user experience: 

  1. Anticipation– the better you understand where the user is coming from the easier it is to understand their need. For example, someone reading an article called “Stress-Free Table and Tent Setups”. It’s safe to say that the user is planning an event and is looking for an easy convenient setup. 

If you have ever planned a party or any kind of celebration you know how hectic it can be. Meet your user where they are and give them the information they need.

  1. Empathy– There isn’t enough of this in the world but as it applies to UX, this is simply how the user is feeling. Think of this as the user’s thought process. What are some of the questions the user is asking themselves? How can you show the user that you care and want to support them? 
  2. Transparency- BE CLEAR. If you want to educate the user, then provide educational information. If you’re selling, then don’t hide it. No one likes clickbait. Be clear about what a person has to do to get the full benefits of whatever you’re writing about. Lastly, acknowledge objections because your audience is HUMAN!

In Conclusion

As a UX writer, you are the user’s advocate. Making sure their goals and needs are being met. It’s a process of learning, listening to feedback, and responding appropriately. Remember you are connecting with people through words so make it count, every word matters!

Read UX Design: Principles & the Design Process for more information on the user experience

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