10 Black Owned Vegan Businesses In the Bronx to Support Now!

We all know that the Bronx is the poorest district in the nation and has the highest rate of obesity. With 1.4 million people living in the Bronx, the New York Times reported that 30% of adults living there are obese. There’s an epidemic happening in the Bronx, there’s a shortage of healthy food options! Families are competing against powerful food campaigns that target their kids and have limited resources. This last year has shown us the importance of supporting these Bronx black businesses.  As the pandemic continues to unfold, let’s support these businesses. Supporting Black businesses means you support the communities they are in.

Here’s 10 Vegan Businesses that you can support today!

To find more Bronx Black-Owned Businesses, visit the black business directory on NationalBlackGuide.com.

Do you know of some other Bronx black-owned restaurants or black businesses that should be on this list? Have them add their black business to NationalBlackGuide.com for FREE.

Join the conversation by letting me know where your favorite Vegan Restaurant is! Who am I missing?

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