Boogie Down Grind Cafe Social

Boogie down Grind Cafe, Bronx, New York
Source: taken by the author, Boogie down Grind Cafe, Bronx, New York

Welcome to the Boogie Down Grind Cafe!


Home to poets, singers, and creatives! Poetry Corner is a showcase for local talent run by Bronx Native Writers. 

If you’re looking to quench your thirst. Then be sure to order our scrumptious sangria during happy hour and head outside for the night’s performances. 

You can expect spoken word artists like Poetic Boy D and Amersoul to leave their hearts on the stage. While Ayanna, the singer, gets the entire crowd to sing with her to Mary J Blidge’s “REAL LOVE.” Sounds from the Ultimizer DJ keep the outdoor performances flowing and the crowd dancing. And I can’t forget about the local vendors that will show up and show out. 

As the night progresses and the community parties on, you start to feel like your part of the family. 

Now I know you’re thinkin’ how does this feeel like family, so let me tell you!

All it Takes is One Event

First of all, Boogie Down Grind Cafe is the new proud owner of an infamous “ DANCERS EVERY NIGHT” sign. ( It used to belong to a strip club) LOL.

And when I saw that sign again, I remembered all the times I’d walked past it with my sister growing up. Even that time it was raining and my sister got stuck in her leather jacket!!! LOL

So one day we were heading to the train, and we stopped in front of the sign when my sister gets “stuck”. Just imagine her zipper riding up about halfway and REFUSING to budge!! And there was my big sister, looking at me with the bottom of her jacket open! 

As the kid sis, this was hilarious so I just busted out laughing! I can still hear her saying “DEE STOP LAUGHING AND HELP ME!” AHH! The good old days…

And that’s why so many locals love coming to the Boogie Down Grind Cafe!

IF you are a poet, artist, or creative looking to hit the stage, then sign up for the next Poetry Corner showcase. Oor if you’re just looking to have a good time and share some laughs over good food, then don’t miss out on the Boogie Down Grind Cafe. 

For more information on The Boogie Down Grind Cafe click here.

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