Black Equity Con: Day 2

It’s Day 2 of the Black Equity Con, and the speakers did not come to play. The presenters gave out advice that could be easily implemented to help you learn more about the industry. In this post, I will share the details of day 2!

Your Favorite Black Equity Con Leaders

Florida-based business consultant, author, and speaker Myron Golden arguably gave the best presentation of the day. His journey from overcoming the obstacles associated with polio led to teaching young entrepreneurs and coaches what he’s learned from his 30 yr experience. 

My favorite pieces of advice from Myron were:

  • “Educate yourself not to entertain yourself. Some people spend 20 yrs learning a skill and writing a book. Get rich first, then have fun.”
  • “God is the I am that I am. ￱Be very intentional with the words you use after I AM.”
  • ￱”You can’t ignore principles and expect results or success. Be a person of your word.” 
  • ￱”If you allow it, your word becomes your flesh or your excuse.”
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Financial principles:

  1. Wealth comes to the person that stays in it the longest. Myron reinforced that wealth building is achievable, but it is a process. 
  2. Stop looking at all the ways that make a little bit of money and find easier ways to make a lot.
  3. ￱Your income is what you’re settling for. Why are you settling for it now if you wouldn’t settle where you were? 

Dharius Daniels

With over 20 years of leadership experience, a New Jersey-based speaker, certified emotional intelligence specialist, and Pastor at Change Church Dharius Daniels presented practical communication skills in leadership.

Dharius emphasized the need to improve the way we communicate with each other. Effective communication isn’t about what WE want but more about what THEY need. You can apply this to people you work with or just trying to get your thoughts out! Dharius put a unique spin on the following ideas.

The Difference Between Dream Chaser and Dream Catcher

Dharius kept it simple in the second session by defining a dream chaser as someone who has an idea but struggles to implement it. Dream Chasers work harder and are prepared to dream bigger. Whereas dream catchers work at a higher level; systems are in place, and you know how to handle whatever curve ball comes your way.

Move From Dream Chaser to Dream Catcher

Dharius Daniels discovered three principles that propel you from a dream chaser to a dream catcher.

The first principle is managing hypersensitivity. Criticism from others causes hypersensitivity and makes you conform to the choices of the people that aren’t doing anything. Be cautious of people pleasing. People pleasers tend to make decisions they aren’t comfortable with just so someone else says yes. This behavior can limit your capacity to grow if you are not careful. Balance your needs and with other individuals to create partnerships. If you avoid selective conflict you don’t have to pick and choose who gets away with breaking the rules.

If you want emotional health and success as an entrepreneur or business owner, establish healthy boundaries by using these three keys to help guide your actions moving forward!

Dharius’s 4 C’s of building a team

Communication is crucial in building the team you need. Things to consider are: does all of your time together translate into a shared vision for success? Is everyone on board with what to do and how to do it? 

Here’s a checklist to ensure you do:

  • Character – Work with people who aren’t perfect, but you can trust. Sometimes your character will keep you in the room. Be the person that can handle the “thing,” The backside of blessings comes from your character.
  • Competence – Can they do the job? Don’t only look for specialty skills but look for people who possess Meta skills. Meta skills such as leadership enable you to learn and build skills faster, allowing you to develop quicker and help you scale. 
  • Chemistry – Will you disrupt the culture or interrupt the environment? Your success becomes someone else’s trigger. 
  • Cadence – Can you keep up? Some people are great but are too slow to act.

Six Tips For Effective Communication

  • Clarity- Think about what your message is, and find the easiest way for you to say it. You should be able to tell a 30-minute story in one sentence.
  • Conviction- Do you believe in your message? One thing is to be heard; another is to be felt.
  • Content- Have something to say before you say it well. 
  • Context – This is how you speak to people. Do you know how to talk to the audience you are in front of? Sometimes you don’t know who you are talking to until you are in the room. 
  • Creativity – People remember stories and statements, not speeches. Say something memorable. 
  • Courage – Dream catchers take action — they don’t allow fear to stop them; they do it despite it.

Metaverse 3.0

Tina Bonner is a cutting-edge Atlanta-based entrepreneur and founder of Black In Meta. She found a gap in representation in the Metaverse and decided to make it accessible for the Black community.

Tina explained that the Metaverse is another way for people to connect and make money. There’s only ONE Metaverse and three platforms you can explore, starting with, a space for art, culture, and exhibitions. Horizon World requires Virtual Reality glasses and is worth checking out. I have created an avatar in Decentraland, and I love it there. As I explore it more and more, I’m learning more about its capabilities. Most compare Decentraland to the SIMS game. 

Importance Of Black Leadership

The Black Equity Con is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your career. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with other black entrepreneurs, learn from the best in the business, and grow your mindset. It’s the first of its kind and the most significant black leadership conference in the nation. 

There are many significant ways that this conference can change your life:

  • The speakers will inspire you and help you be more productive as an entrepreneur or leader
  • You will meet other people who are also working hard to make a difference in their communities
  • You will learn about business opportunities that weren’t available before

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